Hailong Battery - change 5-pin to 4-pin connector


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12:41 AM
May 26, 2023
Canberra, Australia
I'm a newbie here, I have searched this forum and others to no avail. I did find a YouTube video on the subject which was pretty useless.

I converted my gravel bike using a 36V 250W Tong Sheng kit using a Hailong 36V battery. It works great and no issues for two years.
My neighbour was so impressed he did the same thing with his road bike. But last month he had car accident and won't be able to ride again so I bought his converted bike. I figured it would be great having a second battery for use with either bike on longer trips.

Then I realised his Hailong battery has a 5-blade connector while mine has 4-blade. Its like computing - you can pick and choose which standards you want to use.

Some research indicates it is possible to change connectors and these are available, but little advice as to how to do this. So my questions are has anyone done this? how is it done? is it the male connector on the battery that is changed or the female connector on the base? are there any limitations on type of battery case that can be converted as there seem to be some superficial differences? will the converted battery / base be compatible- it looks like it but can't be sure?.
Hopefully someone can help

I could sell one battery and by another that is compatible, but that sounds a bit defeatist.