Great eMTB riding in Colorado/Utah


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Jun 29, 2020
I spent a few days at McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area recently. Most people from Colorado know the area as "Rabbit Valley" because that is the name of the exit off of I-70, west of Fruita.

Holy smokes, the best eBike riding I've seen. There is a network of motorized trails out there that are absolutely awesome on an eBike. The best is Western Rim, which is about a foot wide and has awesome views (and some dangerous exposure), even though it is open to motorcycles. There was another great technical trail called Trail 8 that was a hoot. There are also some easier trails suitable for less experienced riders.

The area is right on the border of Colorado and Utah, and what I found was that many moto riders were from Colroado and didn't want to buy a Utah OHV sticker, so the trails on the Utah side were pretty empty. Even on the CO side they weren't overly crowded. Every single person I encountered out there, whether they were hiking, riding MTBs, riding motorcycles or ATVs or UTVs, was totally cool. None of the bullcrap you deal with on the Front Range.

I rode with some friends who were on enduro motorcycles, and like many MC riders who ride in a group, they ride for 15-20 minutes and then stop to let everyone regroup. The longest they waited for me was five minutes, which was totally OK with them. On Western Rim I pretty much kept up with them. Some sections of a couple of trails had deep sand, but an eBike shines in that, as long as you have the proper tires.

There is great camping right on the trails, and it is free. You can even get large RVs into some of the camp areas. No water anywhere though, and the closest supplies are 15 miles away in Fruita.

The Kokopelli Trail runs right through there, so you could ride all the way to Moab if you wanted to. Some parts of the Kokopelli Trail are non-motorized, so you would have to take different routes from your MTB friends in some sections. We also did some fun hikes down to the river.

Highly recommended, no matter what you ride or even if you want to hike.
Never heard of it but I'm going!
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