Giant Lafree Sport troubleshooting


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Apr 5, 2021
Hello Electric Bikers,

I have a good condition Lafree Sport that I have had for nearly 20 years. I say good condition except that I have a electrical issue.

The bike has no serious corrosion or rust. I have replaced the batteries several times and the current batteries are nearly new. In fact the reason the current new batteries were purchased for for this vary symptom.

Here it is: Bike runs good after a full charge, then on a ride of about 1.5 miles I turn around and head back to my car. After about 1/2 mile the power cuts off. The 5 charge status indicators will go to just one light and you will get a beep. You can turn the on/off button from off to on and it will beep again and then you will have all 5 lights again. Go about 100 yards or less and then you get the beep and down to one light again. You can do this over and over.

Now this sounds like a weak batteries. It has two 12 volt 12 amp batteries. So I replaced the batteries and now it is still doing it with the new ones.

Bring the bike back to my shop. Take the battery case apart and check all the connections. Clean, re crimp and even solder the connectors to the battery terminals. Same issue. Could something be getting hot. After the ride the two batteries read 26 volts and I have used a load tester and the voltage holds up good. (Automotive type 12 volt load tester.)

Is there anyone who can help me troubleshoot this bike? I would like to keep it original. If that fails then I will need some input as how to change out the controller.

I have a download of the owners manual. I have seen mention of a service manual but have not found that one.


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Did you end up finding a solution to your problem? 20 years is a good run with your ebike. Sorry to hear about your issue. It certainly sounds like a controller issue if you have new batteries and have checked all the connections.