Giant LAFree Sport Problems


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Jul 8, 2018

I'm new to this group. I've searched the message archives but haven't found anything related to my problems so thus this post.

I have a Giant LAFree Sport. When you turn it on, it just beeps twice and all 5 (or sometimes just 1) of the LED light in the 'dashboard' blink on and off continuously once a second. The electric motor does not run.

Does anyone have a copy of the service manual for this bike or know where I can get one?

Where can I buy parts for Giant E-Bikes?

I have taken this bike apart and there are no obvious burned wires or parts. The motor runs fine when you put the 24 volts from the battery to it directly. It passes all the diagnostic tests (both brake handle interlocks, speed sensor, torque sensor).

Any advice on how to diagnose the problems with this e-bike?

Thank You!


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Jun 21, 2018
Assuming the pdf manual that was previously offered by Bob doesn't throw any light on it then ask your favourite Giant dealer to investigate. If they are official Giant dealers they'll have access to workshop manuals. If you cant find any dealers willing to sort it out then get in touch with the US HQ and ask them for the manual (mentioning you'd use a dealer, if only there was a suitably willing/knowledgable one nearby).

I managed to get a service manual for my Giant Twist but only because I stipulated it as a condition of purchasing the bike. Unfortunately the Sport is a totally different machine so it's not relevant to your situation.
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