Giant 2021 Ebikes ? ?


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3:03 PM
Aug 15, 2020
When are they expected(pleased mention country and date)?
Do you have any info about new model, modified model?

I might get a 2020 but would prefer a 2021 if they are coming soon.
couldn't say about new / modified models ... I wouldn't hold your breath on 2021's being available before September however.

I have recently acquired a 2019 Trance E+ Pro 1 and I have been enjoying it quite a lot... the 2020 has XT 12sp and XT 4piston brakes.. and an smart assist mode... which would have been nice to have..

Regardless the 2019 has been a blast for the week I've had it now.. also makes riding in the SoCal summer somewhat more realistic for myself... without dying of heat stroke.. so that is good.

2019 Trance E+ Pro 1.jpg
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I just talked with a shop owner, Giant gave no date yet for Canada but he guessed maybe october.
I will try to get one shipped from 40 miles in my size.