Ghost Hybride Lector S4.7+ LC for my next ebike?


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1:15 PM
Aug 15, 2020
I just read about the Ghost hybrid.
Anyone tested it?
I cannot find it in Canada.
The light weight and concept is very attractive to me.
Is anything in that flavor available from a competitor?
29 front/27.5+ rear
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Looks like a nice EMTB for sure:

High-tech in perfect unity with exquisite design: Shimano’s powerful E 8000 motor, ideal for the most challenging terrain thanks to optimum performance, power and a natural riding feel.

To deliver maximum performance, we even designed shorter crank arms: More ground clearance and higher cadence, which responds to the motor at the right rev range,

guarantee new, not yet reached levels of performance. The integrated, easily detachable battery is air-cooled – an effective way to prevent overheating while reducing frame weight. Form follows function but the uniquely edgy design remains.