Getting the runaround


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Jul 16, 2021
My wife's RadCity ST battery died over a month ago. The bike was still in warranty, so, after I completed a few tests to confirm the problem, the Rad Power support team authorized a replacement battery. This was on June 18. On June 24 I received notification that the order for the battery had been placed. I was given a FedEx tracking number... and nothing has happened since. According to FedEx, the a label was generated, but the battery has not left the Rad Power warehouse.

I've called several times to see when it would ship.
My wife has called twice.
I have written a couple emails.

--I've been told that the delay could be due to Covid (not sure what that meant, since the battery was in their warehouse.
--I was told to contact FedEx, but they say the package was never scanned by them, so nothing they can do.
--I've been told that since Lithium batteries are classified as hazardous material, they take longer to ship, which I don't dispute, but not almost a month, especially since I was told that a number of batteries were in stock.

But if I were to buy a battery from their website, it says that 7-10 days is the standard time between ordering and shipping.

So I can come to no other conclusion but that there was some kind of mix-up at the warehouse and no one has made the effort to get to the bottom of it, even if it means cancelling that order and re-ordering the battery.

At my wits' end...anybody have any suggestions?
Is the Rad warehouse in US or China? Since its warranty maybe its coming from mfg in China?
The warehouse is in Washington state, which is where Rad Power is located.
Again get a copy of all of the implied warranties, then contact your credit card company and "DISPUTE" the charge. either they will replace the battery, or you will not be charged. If your credit card company will not assist you with this, then time to switch to "MasterCard"