Geared vs Gearless Ebike Hub Motors - Which is Better?


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Jun 16, 2018
There are two primary sorts of hub motors available these days: geared and gearless hub motors (gearless hub motors are also referred to as "direct drive" hub motors). Because of the absence of gears, direct drive hub motors are the less difficult of the two, so we'll begin with those.

Gearless or "Direct Drive" Hub Motors

In a direct drive hub motor, the axle that goes through the center of the motor is really the axle of the motor itself, with the copper windings fixed to the axle. This entire axle gathering is known as the "stator". The magnets are mounted to the external shell of the hub motor. At the point when power is applied to the stator an magnetic field is instigated that makes the magnets move. This makes the entire shell of the motor turn and pushes the ebike forward.

Geared Hub Motors

Geared hub motors have their cases associated with the stator through a planetary gear reduction system. For each revolution of the case, the motor inside does many more revolutions. This permits the motor to work at higher speed which are more efficient, while the wheel turns at a slower driving pace.

Geared vs Gearless Hub Motors Comparison

Gearless or direct drive hub motors are equipped for giving a lot of torque and force. This makes them particularly appropriate for performance electric bikes. Direct drive motors are normally large and heavy which means you get less range out of them. The benefit is that this additional mass stops the motor from overheating as the motor acts as a heat sink. Gearless or direct drive hub motors are usually rated around the 500 to 1000 Watt mark.

Geared hub motors are littler and lighter than direct drive motors, which helps to extend the range. They are also not as powerful and do tend to wear out faster because there are more moving parts. Most geared hub motors are rated at around 350 watts, up to around 500 watts. Some people have had luck changing out one of the 3 plastic gears with a metal one. This acts takes to take most of the force and helps to saves the remaining 2 plastic gears, although it can end up making the ebike louder.

When picking between a geared or direct drive hub motor you have to think about 2 things: your power and weight requirements of the ebike. If you are looking for a light weight ebike with more range then you should choose a geared hub motor. On the other hand if you are looking for a powerful ebike and don't mind about limited range and extra weight, then you should choose a direct drive hub motor.
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Have not understood or even thought much about this before. I have had my direct drive hub bike for six years now and though my choice was made for other reasons, now I think I made the right choice of motor, albeit in ignorance.
whats the most wattage and or top speed anyone has gotten out of a bafang 750? What about reliability of these hub motors? Any mods or things to change on a stocker to make it more durable or powerful? They seem very tuff. Mine doesnt even get warm with almost 1500 watts and generous use of throttle. Of course in ak...things stay cooler most of the time..wetter too. Thoughts?