Fwd vs Rwd ebike


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May 26, 2021
I'm building a new bike, received the motor, but it's a front wheel drive instead of rear. Is it worth the hassle exchanging it? It's a 1500 watt, 48 volt set up. Would there be an issue with traction? The other thing is that the front wheel can't be easily removed for easy transport, but I guess I can remove the rear wheel now.
If you are an off road mountain biker, the fwd will not climb as well as rwd. Rwd has a big traction advantage while climbing.
-On road, both have pros and cons. Personal preference.
-You need a really strong fork to handle a 1500w fwd hub motor.
Strong fork, STEEL, not aluminum, NO REGEN BREAKING.

There are OLD ebikers, and there are BOLD ebikers, there are NO old, bold ebikers.

I'm old, I would send it back.

Give some thought to what happens when the motor snaps out the dropouts and the front wheel rolls away at speed. The bike stops, you are catapulted off with additional acceleration from the lever action and then you impact whatever solid object is in front of you.
Didn't want to create a new thread as this is kinda related. I'm on a new build, for which I got a cheap FWD motor. It's a 1000w, not sure of a brand, likely Voilamart. Steering is HEAVY at low speeds, but once you get going, it is fun!!! Having said that, probably not going with FWD again.

If weight is an issue and all-wheel drive is desirable, then I recommend used Bafang motors. Battery wholesale did have them for awhile wheel and all for < $50. $45 + shipping. The last time I looked they had just the 350W Bafang motors for $23 with no wheel.

I have two on a vintage 90s DimondBack Outlook. They are geared for 20 mph and streel legal by federal law as 350W + 350W = 700W. Federal limits are 750W and 25 mph I believe.

Total weight for the e bike minus the battery pack is < 40 pounds. It is one of my favorite e bikes to ride and decent on hills and grass. It sports a single thumb throttle and dual 17-amp controllers. I run 12S - 5P - LIFEPO4 which does weigh about 12 pounds but looking at > 5,000 full charging cycles and > 10 miles range. A full charge only takes 20 to 40 minutes depending on voltage before charging.


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