Full suspension as roadgoing ebike


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8:17 PM
Jun 30, 2021
I recently got dissed on this forum for my choice for ebike conversion. I took a 2012 Santa Cruz V10, and put a BBSHD kit along with a BAC 855 controller programmed for 3000 watts,
with a 52 volt 21 AH battery. Wanted something with capable brakes to handle the speeds attainable on this bike. Also added Hookworm premium tires for pavement use to lessen rolling resistance and add to braking performance. I also find that the geometry along with the excellent suspension adds not only comfort, but I high degree of stability a in all situations. I find that for all the attributes that make these great downhill bikes, apply to all other aspects of ebiking. Plus, with a spare set of wheels and knobby tires, it still can shred with any downhill bike. Sort of like a super moto bike. Lets see some of your choices for downhill converts.
I did several similar conversions with DH rigs (with hub & mid-drive) back in 2013-2017.

DH rigs are great platforms for conversions to ebike that perform at high speed (35-45 mph).
Long travel suspension soak up the bumps nicely when tuned properly, allow the converted bike to handle nicely at higher speed; much better than hardtail conversions.

For me, the speed got old quickly, attract LEO attention unnecessarily, and expensive; since the DH rigs are expensive to begin with, which attract attention from thieves.
Not sure who would "dis" you for your choices but I can guess.

The retired downhill racer is THE preferred platform for a hi-performance ebike. The only bicycles made with these kinds of speeds and stresses in mind, and often available at steep discounts, though from VERY high original prices.

Not my taste but outside of a dedicated light motorcycle frame, the very best choice for a hi-performance ebike.