Fucare Scorpio - I'm a very happy owner...However...

It works, lift your back wheel on the kickstand and give it a try!


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Currently talking to customer service at Fucare trying to figure out each setting since the upgraded control panel on has 7 setting. All the videos are different per bike and control panels

1. MPH of Kilometers
2. PAS settings
5. Password change
Choices for unknown settings on upgraded controller on Scorpio

#3. 02 thru 09
#4. 00 or 01
#6. 0 to 60
#7. 01, 02 or 03
3 is pedal assist delay, 2 is shortest, 9 is longest
4 is for 28mph like i mentioned 1 is pas dependent, 0 is 28mph throttle not pas dependent
6 is screen timeout in minutes, set at zero and it wont timeout
7 is pas sensitivity 0-4 are the choices, not exactly sure what it does, get out there and try it and let me know!
I think we know more than most of the Fucare people at this point. Wish we could ask an English speaking engineer.
Not really sure about that #7
Im out here playing with it and it really doesn't deem to do much. With the real wheel up in the air i get to 28mph in about 4 or 5 second in any of the 4 settings. Zero is a setting also not just 1,2 and 3.
They sent me this link when I pestered them but it doesnt really apply

Its a Yolin display. Custom programmed I guess. It has the exact same model number as the stock and in fact the serial number was very close on both of them. If we can figure out #7 we got them all
This is what I have so far
Scorpio control panel settings for upgraded controller

01P---MPH or Kilometers

02P---PAS settings

03P--- PAS sensitivity (02-09)

04P---Gear differential 00-01 (on or off)

05P---Password setup

06P---Sleep timer (0-60)

07P---PAS startup power (00-03)
I'm assuming #7 is how much power is put to the pedals when taking off 00 being none and 03 being the most
7-PAS startup power, thats it. Now what does it mean? I really haven't played with that one while actually riding, just with the wheel up and spinning, I'm counting on you to figure that out for us! Where did you get that list? I saw it somewhere but i couldnt find it
Gear differential is indeed the 28 mph switch,
Go ride brother! I'm an old fart and its stinkin hot and humid in Tennessee, report back please
#7 probably is what you said, im testing with throttle and it is probably not related to throttle at all, just pedaling
Did you go out and ride and experiment with parameter #7? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on its function
I could get my Scorpio up to over 30mph but doing so, I'm in on the smallest rear cog, pedaling like i'm on a tricycle. I know the solution. finding a smaller rear sprocket or finding a larger front sprocket. Has anyone out there done this ?
I put an 11-28 freewheel on mine. Better, you still got to pedal pretty fast to get to 32 but not like with the 14-28 freewheel
Back from vacation--- Option #7 seems to be for when the PAS kicks in from stop 0 seems to be most power and 3 the least.

1st tire puncture 2" sheet metal screw in rear tire. Ordered up some Schwalbe Big Ben tires. I'm running them on my Pedego Ridge Rider and really like them just hard to find.
Interesting, i messed with it a little the other day but i was mostly evaluating my new 11-28 freewheel and kinda forgot #7. Sure liked the 11 tooth high gear. Was still pedaling fairly quick at 32 mph but not like the stock 14 tooth gear! The Drift Maniac freewheel on Amazon is a bit more offset then stock so I had to adjust the derailleur a bit. Have a good vacation?
I will be checking out that #7 set at 0 for sure next time