front tire mounted ebike kit for trike


New member
Jan 11, 2021
I am new here as of now. I need to ask a few questions for which I cannot find answers for. hopefully someone here can help. here goes--- I have a typical adult trike, rear coaster, front rubber caliper, single speed, one wheel drive. what I need is a FRONT tire mounted e kit that contains the following, battery pack, charger, controller, twist or thumb throttle. the motor can be front stem mounted or front fork mounted or both. tool less mounting for any one to install alone. the battery pack should be mountable anywhere there is room. the charger can be on or off board. the motor should be strong enough to work on it's own and go up hills without pedal assist, although I know pedal assist will probably be I looking for something that does not exist? I only see REAR mounts. are any of those either reversable or bi directional? what happens if I reverse the input polarity? wouldn't the rotation reverse? or reverse polarity at the throttle? is there ANY front mount unit? hub motors, mid mounts are too expensive and/or too complicated. this is the only type of system I can deal with. all advice welcome, websites, links, names, models personal contacts.