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Jan 11, 2021
I am new here as of now. I need to ask a few questions for which I cannot find answers for. hopefully someone here can help. here goes--- I have a typical adult trike, rear coaster, front rubber caliper, single speed, one wheel drive.

What I need is a FRONT tire mounted e kit that contains the following, battery pack, charger, controller, twist or thumb throttle. the motor can be front stem mounted or front fork mounted or both.
  • tool less mounting for any one to install alone.
  • the battery pack should be mountable anywhere there is room.
  • the charger can be on or off board.
  • the motor should be strong enough to work on it's own and go up hills without pedal assist, although I know pedal assist will probably be needed.

Am I looking for something that does not exist?

I only see REAR mounts. are any of those either reversible or bi directional? what happens if I reverse the input polarity? wouldn't the rotation reverse? or reverse polarity at the throttle? is there ANY front mount unit?

hub motors, mid mounts are too expensive and/or too complicated. this is the only type of system I can deal with. all advice welcome, websites, links, names, models personal contacts.
Sounds like you need front hub ebike kit. As long as the front wheel is the same size as the current front wheel on your trike. The size of your front wheel is usually written on the side of your tire.

You will need definitely need some tools to replace the old front wheel with the new front wheel (and swap over the tube and tire). The new front wheel will contain the electric motor.

You will then have to mount the battery, controller, display, thumb throttle, PAS sensor, brake levers (which cut power to the motor), headlight and then plug all the cables in and zip tie them to the frame. All the wiring simply plugs together.

Should be pretty easy with some basic tools and a little bike knowledge. If you know how to change a flat tire you should have no problems installing an ebike kit :)

Below is a kit which comes with a Bafang hub motor, battery and everything you need to fit it to your trike. All you need to do is select the correct rim size and then choose the type of battery you want. Bigger battery = more range = more expensive. As for the hills the general consensus is that a 500 Watt ebike kit will have enough of power to pull you and your trike up hills. I wouldn't go below 500W though.

Good luck and hope this helps you out!

bafang front hub ebike kit.jpeg

  • 48V 500W Front Hub Motor*1pcs
  • 48V 500W Motor Controller*1pcs
  • Controller Box*1pcs
  • Display*1pcs---C961/C965/850C/860C/750C/500C/C18/SW102 (optional)
  • Battery*1pcs---10Ah/12Ah/14Ah/17.5Ah(optional)
  • 1T4 Cable*1pcs
  • Motor Extension Cable*1pcs
  • Thumb Throttle*1pcs
  • PAS Sensor and spare PAS*1pair
  • Headlight*1pcs
  • Brake Lever*1pair (can be changed into hydraulic brake sensor freely)
  • Rim with Spokes*1pcs---20/26/27.5/700C inch (optional)
  • Manual and power extension cable
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Get a complete kit for front hub motor at EBO (Electric Bike Outfitters). They custom build to your specific trike and wheel size and wiring is plug and play. They offer several kits in 350, 500, and 750w size motors. 36 and 48v. The batteries come with a built on controller/ base that can be mounted in or on the trike or rear rack/ basket. These kits are complete with motor installed in new wheel, all wiring, battery with built in controller base the battery snaps and locks into w/ keys, and charger. Batteries have USB port and can be ordered with light controller cable to plug in a front light they sell or even use with a rear one. Nice people. Only big deal is now the battery suppliers are having some issues exporting enough of them to meet the demand here in the states. This company had only used the quality Lithium cells so cost more. Mine is mounted to my recumbent trike and does a fine job for me. Good luck with yours!