Front & Rear Hub Ebikeling Build


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May 8, 2020
This is my first conversion to date. Its a mongoose xr1100 with a 1200w front hub and 1500w rear hub (both ebikeling). 2 48v 20ah batteries. It has a dual throttle set up which is really growing on me. I commute 20 miles on a trail round trip 5 days a week in all weather conditions. I caught the ebike bug and I don't drive at all now.

mongoose xr1100 Ebikeling 1200w front hub & 1500w rear hub.jpg
Now that's a work of art. The best part of any day would be getting on this bike right here... Nice set up too...

What kind of shock do you have? How about brakes?

And once you have the bug, you will never get rid of it!

Ride safe. Garry.
I only kept the rear dnm suspension and it "seems" to be holding up fine. I removed the original aluminum front suspension and replaced it with some beefier steel forks that i made in the shop. The brakes...sigh, ya i have plans to upgrade those. They're getting it done, but not as well as I'd like.
Nice, I helped one of our neighbors put together his ebikeling kit, with a 52V battery does 35mph with a single rear hub motor 1200watts.

Get some hydro brakes, the Shimano MT200 M315 MTB Hydraulic Disc Brake set is only $60

That and some Hydraulic / Mechanical Brake Cut Off Sensor Switch Cable For Electric Bike Ebike the kind with the magents, you can glue them on, video how to:
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Thanks man. These are the brakes I've actually been considering.