Front hub motor.How hard is it is it on the fork's



I want to put a 48v 1000w DD hub motor in a 1990's road bike.Its a steel bike but not very robust fork's.I plan on 2 torque arms but I don't know anything about ebike's.Any input is appreciated.14ah battery don't know if that matters.I will be using it mostly for PAS
Depending on what speeds and weight of rider you plan on operating this conversion bike.
1" headtube for old road bike frames may not be ideal for conversion candidate to begin with.
1" steertube diameter fork may not be ideal for much motor power output & braking force required.
Old road bike fork may not even have the hub spacing that can accept a motor.
Better off leave the old vintage road bike as it is, convert a more modern mtb, or better yet just buy a complete ebike for under $1K.
Adding 15-20 lb. to the old road bike with motor, battery, controller, etc.. I wouldn't do it.