Front Hub eBike Safety


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Sep 18, 2018
I read mixed reviews from utilizing front hub ebikes. The main concern appears to come from making turns with a front hub ebike while the engine is locked in. Are the worries substantial or is it misrepresented? I have a rear hub bicycle and am considering adding a front hub iMotor to assist me with my slopes (5 degree for more than 4 miles with 12 degrees at a few points). Having the extra 250 watt will truly help and I anticipate using it principally on straight areas.
My first ebike unit was Bafang 500w front hub engine which I had mounted on a couple various bicycles. I put around 3500 miles on the first as a throttle only arrangement, and feel fortunate I never cleaned out...sandy surfaces were truly startling. On the second bicycle I had a go at utilizing just PAS and that removed some of the footing issues. An additional driving wheel on the front hub ought to give you more traction if you keep it on PAS.
I have a 250W front hub motor (20A controller, 36V). It has slipped on rock going hard from the beginning, however nothing that would put the bicycle down. I don't ride it in chilly climate. Ice is terrible enough on an ordinary bicycle, as I would see it. After you do it, you'll most likely post back that it is anything but a major issue having a front mounted motor.
The first ebike I had a came with a 250W front hub engine. It was never a safety issue at all.
I have a 1000 watt front hub and a 1000 watt rear hub. The rear hub handles much better. The front hub will pull you out of a turn when throttle is applied. I don't consider this to be a safety issue. Simply something you have to become accustomed to. Likewise, I routinely investigate my steering for splits. Nothing yet!
Thanks for the feedback. I have a 500 watt rear hub PAS but it is still struggling up hill. I'll get a front hub 250 watt and use it as throttle help for the slope area. I am OK with a work out, however I want to abstain from pushing my bicycle up the slope.