Focus whistler2 6.9 s 2019 De-restrictor advice


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8:44 AM
May 24, 2024
Hi all, I have a Focus whistler2 6.9 s 2019. Which is restricted to 25kmph. Just wondering if anyone knows how to derestrict this? I'm not needing anything crazy, just upping to 30-40kmph. I've tried searching the internet and I think it will involve a different controller maybe. Not sure the Volts and Watts confuse me a bit, and I need some solid advice before I fry something! It has a Groove Next-Li-on 36V battery. Thanks in advance.
You have have to change the controller and display to something that allows you more control of the bikes performance. Not many current ebikes are using 36 volt systems these days.
Thanks for the reply Hoggdoc. I don’t suppose you know what controller I would need to get do you? It doesn’t have a display just 2 buttons one to turn it on/off and one to change the assistance (4levels)