Focus Jarifa2 6.9 Nine 2020 - FSA Chain ring replacement & chainstay cap/protector


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1:18 PM
Nov 4, 2021
I have a Focus Jarifa2 6.9 Nine 2020 and I'm having trouble finding a replacement chain ring, which is the FSA WB604-34T, MPN 380-0483002540. It is a direct mount/miranda Bosch Gen 4 fitting. I can't find any dealers with this in stock or even "out of stock" apart from a shop in Belgium Has anyone else found any difficulties and/or perhaps someone can suggest an alternative brand? Also my rubber chain stay protector/cover is loose. It's held by what looks like a bit of sticky back plastic, which seems a bit lightweight. I'm wondering about attaching it with either zip ties or maybe pulling off the tape and using the same method?!