Flat fixes

Train Dan

Local time
8:26 AM
Jan 13, 2022
Not an E-bike question, but a bike question.
Ride rail trails exclusively, and some (like the wonderful Great Allegheny Passage) go thru' remote areas.
I've been spared punctures so far, but a flat would leave me with a long walk to a trailhead, and cell service is iffy.
So what are the group's suggestions for compact, effective ways to effect a repair? Are the slime kits a viable option? How about the CO2 cylinders, rather than a traditional pump?
I just keep a small repair kit in my bag. For changing a tube, it includes basic wrenches for removing the tire, two tire wrenches/levers, an abrasion tool for scuffing the tube, a few self adhering patches and a small portable hand pump with gauge.

I have not been carrying a spare tube with me (I bought one of the slime tubes specific for my wheel size), but I probably should.

If I was doing a lot of biking in very remote areas, I’d probably invest in a satellite phone.