First ebike for commute uk


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Oct 24, 2021
I'm wanting to buy an ebike for a 6 mile each way commute. Able to bike the distance, but I'm slow (and lazy?!) and don't want to look horribly sweaty for work. At moment thinking about e-go lite, but is its cheap price an indicator of unreliability? Still have a car for worst weather/ice, but have diesel/petrol guilt, and will never be able to afford an electric car at present (or near future) prices.
Lots of sellers giving competitive prices..
All suggestions appreciated..
I tend to be a low-maintenance/lazy type of person and so I prefer belt drives and internal hubs. A nice reliable mid-range bike for that is the Gazelle Ultimate C380+ HMB. ~$5K

If you don't want to worry about range at all and also want a super comfortable ride (but are also open to spending more), there's the Riese & Muller Superdelite. ~$12K

E-bikes are way cheaper than cars, too! And if you're thinking about security stuff, you might find this essay helpful.