First Build - Mid-90's Diamondback with 350W Dillenger Hub


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6:01 AM
Jul 13, 2020
90's Diamondback ebike with 350w Dillenger hub.jpg

Acquired a mid-90's Diamondback Axis frame that was ugly, but no dents, had it acid-dipped and powdercoated. Ran well as a SS (32/19 magic ratio) for a year, then electrified it with a 350w Dillenger hub and 36V battery. Used for errands for a year and a half as 20 mph throttle assist (CA Class 2 before there was one), then removed throttle and changed to PAS with an 8-speed 12/34 cassette and 34/22 front. Been running off road for the last six months and it's been a blast. Weighed it today at a hair over 40 pounds. BTW, the SKS seatpost mounted bottle carrier was a great acquisition for $10 from Performancebike.
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Plug n play kit was $699, with a one year warranty. Bike pedals well without motor on (went on a 20 or so mile ride to a park today with the motor off most of the time). Did a little hill climbing at the venue. Don't notice the extra 15 pounds except when ascending a relatively steep hill with the motor off.
Pinoy, thanks. Many individuals don't appreciate front hub drives since they're so easy to convert, but this is a blast to ride.