Fiido Titan

How aboout some thoughts on this foe a multi-use bike for an old man
I have had mine for a couple of weeks and its a good bike. I am around 238 pounds and get 40 miles pedal assist in the city. It takes minimal effort to pedal assist. It looks good and is sizable. Everywhere I go I get compliments and people want to buy it.
3 riding shows me this is a great bike for my purpose. Handles well on pavement and rides well on packed dirt. I ride with several grandkids. So far glad I got this bike. I still ride my 73 World Voyageur around 5 miles a day to keep my old body in fair shape.
each battery charges in under 5hrs, I cycle the batteries through just to use each as I havent ridden it far enough in 1 ride to have to swap for a second battery