Felt Electric Fat Bike....


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Jul 12, 2020

Felt Electric bike. I'm sure someone is happy!
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I know a few older co-workers who would love this. They commute 5 days a week year round and day 4 or 5 in the week is pretty tough for them during the winter months. Wonder how well they work at -10?
...I plan on converting my Trek Transport to an e-bike...probably a BB type drive tied to a Nuvinci laced to a Snowcat...80mm Flattop laced to a 100mmSchmidt SON up front...Don't worry Drew, I'll keep it on the pavement...
^^^This. They did that part right. So tempted to matt black my on one fatty.
There are also a class of moderately handicapped riders that would love to get back on their bikes. I suffer from a degenerative joint condition that kept me from riding for the last five years. A good friend of mine talked me into adding an electric-assist drivetrain to my old mountain bike, and I am now commuting to work and riding the mountain again. It's so much fun I'm building an electric fattie.
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