Federal law prohibiting classifying e bikes of 750w and below as motor vehicles


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Feb 28, 2022
I have been sharing this link for anyone that will read it. It's a federal law concerning e bikes in which the Congress says an e bike of 750w or less is not to be classified as a motor vehicle. Some will say that this has to do only with importation of e bikes but it's implication could be that in all circumstances it shouldn't be classified as a motor vehicle. I sent a copy to the local NFS and to National NFS encouraging them to use the law to declassify e bikes of 750W as motorized or motor vehicles. I haven't received a response. Hopefully they are mulling it over. More than likely they are ignoring it. But I think folks that want to see e bikes on bicycle trails should use the law as justification. If it can be argued that Congress has already spoken about the issue then NFS is ignoring what Congress has established as law. https://www.congress.gov/.../107th.../house-bill/727/text...
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