Fake Vruzend Chargers


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Jun 9, 2022
Just a warning about buying chargers advertised on eBay as being Vuzruend. I ordered one from the seller LithiumShop & received a cheap & nasty rebranded YZpower charger instead of the Vuzruend charger that was pictured & advertised.

The seller agreed to accept the return, but when I received a refund they deducted £14 claiming I made a false accusation that it wasn't a genuine Vruzend. I had to go through eBay's dispute process to recover my money. Needless to say eBay were great & forced the seller to issue a full refund.

The rebranded YZpower these eBayers are selling are the cheapest of the cheap. They're throw away & won't last long. £36 isn't a lot of money, but it's wasted on these generic mass produced chargers.

The seller claims to own Vruzend.co.uk so the charger was a genuine Vruzend. If this is the case I'm insulted given they claim to support ex-veterans & serving military personnel with discounted prices when they're selling rebranded junk. I'm an ex-veteran and I don't appreciate these dishonest sellers using veterans to conceal their dishonest business practices.

Below is the photographs of the junk I received. A YZpower charger is a YZpower chargerm If I wanted a YZpower charger I would have bought one for less money off Amazon.

I'm going to continue to use the 58.8v 3a G-Power charger I received with my BBSHD Bafang kit. It might also be out of China, but there's light & day difference in the quality compared to the rebranded junk I bought off eBay.

*** Update ***

I left the seller 'lithiumshop' negative feedback to warn other explaining my experience & would you believe it! The scallywag has managed to convince FleaBay to delete my negative feedback! So, lithiumshop is mangaging to keep their 99.9% positive feedback by working hand-in-hand with FleaBay to sell fake goods. Being a power seller & obviously earning FleaBay money it appears FleaBay are complicit it this fraud & deception.



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