Factory ebike vs TSDZ2 or BBSHD on my Giant ATX?


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Apr 18, 2020

So, how should I get into ebiking? Would it be best to convert my Giant ATX (size large) or buy a factory bike?

In each case, what kit / what bike would I get? I have my eye on the TSDZ2, but it seems like the BBSHD is most popular. I know I definitely want a pedelec instead of an electric motorcycle style.

I also know that someone has already recommended the Raleigh Misceo.

My purpose is to do a 16 mile one-way commute.

This would be my first ebike or conversion.

I have yet to ride one, I know that was recommended to me elsewhere, the salty roads around me make it non-urgent.

I converted a Giant Talon with a BBSO2, it resides in my crane full time for use as a way to get around in town while the crane is setup on a job. I paid $250.00 for the bike, and got the battery pack and motor on sale from Luna, so around $1 K total cost I think it was. Better performance then store bought, better bang for the buck anyway, plus the satisfaction of "rolling your own." The Talon's frame anyway was a super easy build, and the entire process took maybe half a day. I'd knock off 16 miles on it without thinking twice. My main criteria when looking at a bike to convert (working on my 5th now) is if the lower frame allows the motor to tuck up high as possible, and how the triangle is for room for the battery, that's about it!
If you already have the Giant ATX and it has a standard 68-73mm bottom bracket, I’d recommend converting it with a BBS02B 750W/48V or the TSDZ2 (?W/?V) mid-drive for about a $1,000 investment if you are mechanically oriented. As for deciding between those two motors, it’s best if you can test ride an ebike with each first (that might be difficult for the TSDZ2). I can testify the BBS02B 750W/48V will definitely meet your needs. I don’t have any experience with the TSDZ2 motor, but have heard it is noisier. What watt and volt do they offer?

If you do convert your own bike, make sure you get a quality battery like the Sanyo-Panasonic “GA” because the battery is really the most important and expensive part of the build. A bad battery will prove to be the weak link and have short life and power fade as it drains.

That said, I’ve seen some really great deals on the Raleigh Misceo iE 8spd IGH Shimano mid-drive with electric shifting I mentioned out there. I think they were new old stock (NOS); about $1,500-$1,700 IIRC. That was a while back. Not sure what’s available out there now, but Google is your friend. There was a dealer in the east that didn’t charge tax or shipping and sells ebikes at a huge discount.