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Apr 14, 2023
I have an issue with my BBS02B and 500C screen. It was working perfectly fine in the fall when I put it away. Now I charged up the battery, plugged it in, and my 500C won't turn on. There seems to be power, I can charge my phone from the battery and the little red led light on the usb programming cable turns on. I can log into the bafang config tool but I cannot see the whole screen for some reason and cannot use the read or write flash buttons, making it essentially useless. Can someone please help with this? Or if they know how to make the 500C screen work again?
Screenshot 2023-04-14 185241.png
Replying here because I'm in the exact same boat and came to this forum to find a solution!

Installed a bbshd kit last fall wrote about 300 miles. Put it away for winter. Storing my battery inside. Had one ride during a warm day back in February. Everything worked fine.

Finally pulled it out for spring here in Michigan and like you I can't get the screen to turn on!

I just bought a programming cable and the USB light turns on and the motor appears to be getting power while the cable is plugged in as I turn the pedals and there's clearly assist.

Stephen bought a second display to see if that would work. No dice. The second display also does not turn on.

I guess here from oral support and hopeful that others might have insight that can help us.
So I got it working somehow last night. After connecting to a windows 10 computer I could see the full user interface for the luna bafang config tool. Did some read and write sequences to make sure it was what I loaded up last fall. Then unplugged it. I read something about needing to hold the power button down for a few seconds, which I am sure I did many times before. So I powered off the battery, powered it on (like I did many times before), held the power button down on the 500C for a few seconds and it just worked. No idea why. But maybe just keep trying a bit. Hopefully it will work?