Evelo galaxy 500 vs Vanmoof x3


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4:10 PM
Jun 8, 2021
Need automatic, new to biking. I need to bike to tire out my overactive dog. Will be on bike trails and roads. Which of these bikes is best?
The x3 is costs significantly less, but has less power. The x3 looks like it will do the job if cruising at 15 mph without pedaling is adequate for you.
however, the x3 is not a step thru frame. You have to swing a leg over the seat.
Thanks. Guess it’s really a matter of waiting til September for the VanMoof versus July for the Evelo.
If you haven’t bought yet, I’d recommend the Evelos. The Galaxy, Aurora Limited, or the newer Omega are all excellent choices. I’m saving up for the Aurora Limited, or the Atlas with extra battery.