Evelo Atlas vs. Dost Drop CVT vs. Biktrix Juggernaut Duo 3


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Dec 18, 2021

I've commuted short distances before (2 miles each way) but on a regular bike. I'm looking at commuting 11 miles each way at my new job in Denver (mostly along a paved bike path) with a 600 ft climb to work. I thought an e bike might make more sense. I won't carry more than some food, a book or two, and a laptop. I'm 5 8, 62 kgs and in fairly good shape. I'm primarily looking at a reliable no-drama commuter (hence prefer a belt-driven ebike with internally geared hubs) that cuts my commute time and is good with occasional snow/rain. I see the all-weather advantages and overall safety/stability of a fat tire ebike and hence considering the Biktrix but I am not really into mountain biking (at least not yet) and I wonder if a fat e bike is wasted on me. I really really love the idea of not having to lubricate the drive train and perform periodic cleaning/maintenance and hence shortlisted both the Dost Drop CVT and the Evelo Atlas but it's a lot of money to drop for bikes that won't even ship right away. It would be nice to have a step through but it is not a deal breaker. I have plenty of space to safely store my bike both at work and at home and my budget is around 4k. Another option is the Londonderry from fatte bikes, a Denver-based company that makes hub-drive fat e bikes. This way I could support a local business. My questions are:

1. Do I really need a mid-drive? Or is a hub drive enough for a beginner like me who wants to travel at 20 mph or slower?
2. Are fat e bikes painful to ride on in good weather?
3. Is Biktrix a good option for commuting?
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