EU classifications, does anyone know if 750 bike with both PAS and throttle is legal?


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May 20, 2022
In EU, looking at the current legislation of 05/2022, there are thwo groups:
1) L1e-a -> pedelec ebikes with max speed 25km/h and 250w motor. Though this 250w is murky and actually it maybe extends to 1000w. It's very unclear to me because it's all over the place.
2) L1e-b -> electric moped with max speed of 45km/h and maximum continuous power of 1-4kw.

So the issue is there are bikes that have both pedelec AND throttle that can obviously go over 25km/h. Because they have pedelec, they are apparently NOT classified as L1e-b mopeds, but L1e-a bikes, and then made illegal because they go over 25km/h.

Is this really the case?

E.g. I am interested in Fiido T1.
It has a max speed 45km/h and a 750W motor.
If it's classified as L1e-a, it is illegal.
If it's classified as L1e-b, I need to register and insure it, which I assumed would be the case and am fine with.

Furthermore, RADrunner in EU comes with a 250W motor and is limited to 25km/h, so that seems to be another nail in the coffin.

Fiido was not able pro provide me with CoC certificate of conformity, so that means the vehicle is NOT homologized in EU.

So is it illegal? If so, how come it is sold?
To answer myself, nope, no such bike can be legal.
I feel so down right now after having found out that throttle is completely illegal in EU.

I can't quite follow the reasoning for it, other then "safety something safety something".

Reading the regulation in some web sources, I was sure throttle is allowed but you just need to register is as L1e-b. But nope.

It's either a bike with no throttle at all, or a moped with no pedals.

So we who live outside the cities and are not fit specimens of humans are left with no options to commute other then with a car. What a load of BS.

It is beyond ridiculous for people in my situation.
I want to commute, but have 25km and am 15kg overweight. No way in hell I would get to work without being a sweaty mess with pedelec only.
If I had a throttle, I could pedelec in accordance with my physical condition and would have been able to replace 7-10k km a year with an ebike. But no. They want me to either drive a car or get a significantly more expensive moped without pedal so i miss out also on any potential health benefits.