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Aug 15, 2021
I'm an aged widow woman with bad knees and other parts malfunctioning, hence my ride is a Hase Kettwiesel delta style trike with an EBO 36V 350w front hub motor installed. I ride alone except for my 60# Standard Poodle service dog who runs alongside or I drag along behind in her "chariot" on extra hot days or extra long rides. We started working this past January in a recumbent trike shop in small town America for extra income. Don't know how long that will last as the three of us there, owner, mechanic and me, are all over 70 and owner seems to be fading fast. Good while it lasts. Enjoy riding around local city lake, to work and back on nice cool days, country roads and some grocery trips. As long as I can I'll keep riding to stay more fit rather than just sitting around waiting to die. Enjoy hearing from others with like interests, experience. Not interested in talking Covid Panic, Woe is me, nor Politics, just normal pleasant conversation about riding and enjoying the outside.
Welcome to the site and be careful out there. People driving cars and truck like psychopaths!
So far here in my corner of rural America I've not had issues, not saying that couldn't happen, just so far so good. I don't trust anyone driving nowadays even in my truck!