Error 25, engwe


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1:13 PM
Jun 14, 2024
Today after 2 days in use and 53 km i have a huge problem with error 25.
I tried everything but without success.
I disconnected all the connectors twice, theres still error 25 on screen and back light is on.
I tried factory reset but can't do it.
Please any sugestions?

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That’s your brake light safety switch. You should be able to unhook it if it’s an open circuit switch where it closes to turn your brake lights on if it’s a close circuit switch, you will need a new switch eBay or Amazon. I always look to see which ones more decent, and at a decent price
You may need to unhook your battery turn the bike on let all juice drain, then reconnect the battery if you have a little spark, no big deal all bikes, spark little when you plug in the battery this should be after you unplug your brake light switch. Some controllers won’t let you unplug them if you unplug them you’ll get the same error code so they fixed the code and the controller will go away but a definite battery drain and then replug is a must.
Hope this helps you out