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May 16, 2024
error 10
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i have a nakto cruiser 350watt 36 volt, i have done many repairs, the pas sensor was replaced , the lcd has been replaced s861n , i bought the identicle one it came with, also the throttle has been replaced, all of these components worked after i replaced them, also i replaced the brake levers because the sensors were shot,

the current problem started on a short ride , i started loosing power then it just stopped , i suspected that the controller went out, i orderd one picture below

I have checked all my connections , over and over again

when i power on it does this-------

please help, i know/think that the icon at the top of my display is brake! i have replaced both levers, checke thier function with an ohm meter they work

i have been all over tryiong to find out what to do , one place says motor , another say controller one says cable.,i have tried everything, error 10 on the s861 manual says recieving error . thats the green wire on the 5 pin what should be the voltage reading . i need to know what is bad . im not gouing to replace the motor justb because thats the only thing thats not replaced, thats not troubleshooting , thats stupid ]\


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after i wrote this post i went turned it on , un plugged the brakes/no change....unplugged the throttle/no change/.... unplugged the PAS/no change.... i unplugged the motor/ no change....

only thinhg was the display still connected.... i checked the voltage at the controller yellow wire "sending" 5 volts and in back of display 5.0 volts, same with the green wire "recieving" 5.0 volts .....I saw someone saying that if you short the blue and red wire going to display it would correct the error 10, that did not work.
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