Eric Buell's New Fuell Fluid eBike Commuter

The price of the eBike looks pretty good; especially considering the two batteries. I won’t be buying one because I only have to commute 40 miles and usually only charge before and after my weekend trail rides.

I’ll bet these sell very well; you’re never too tired for an eBike commute when you have the option to crank up the assist and burn a little extra battery.
Nice looking lines, but are those wheels 26 or 27.5? Need 29ers or 700 for road IMO. Great price point. 28mph is the same on my Turbo S and perfect for pavement.
I recall in Bulls (Not Buell, but the German ebike manufacturer) ebike advertisements a year or two back they were touting 100 miles range on their Bosch powered ebikes....on one battery, at that.

Sure, 100 miles can be reached. But assist is going to be on the lowest level and at that, no assist in order to reach that kind of mileage. I can get 100 miles on my Full FatSix fatty; but assist will be little to none to get there.

Buells battery set up appears to be a 1000wh battery set up; which seems to be where a lot of ebikes are going these days in the upper tier brands.

It remains to be seen which manufacturer can build a true 100 miles plus ebike using assist levels in the upper ranges. Kinda the Holy Grail for Ebikes as of today.
If a hundred is the magic number, let’s just measure in kilometers for now and wait for battery technology and cost to improve. I remember when eBikes claimed just ten mile range and were toys; now mine is my main transportation.
Eric Buell's Fuell Fluid pre-orders at 30% discount ...


Interesting forked eRoadie. :)

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I've been riding my Fuell 1S for several months now and it's been great. It's a big bike though, and quite heavy. My wife calls it the beast, and it's substantially longer than her Moustache Samedi. I'd really only recommend it for people 5'8" or taller. (I'm 5'7")

I tend to use it at assist levels 3-5 for commuting, so I'd say I could do about 65-80 miles riding it that way, but when I take it for fun rides on the weekend and stick to assist 1-3, speeds varying from 15-25 mph, I'm pretty sure I could comfortably get 125 miles out of it. I haven't tried yet though, legs aren't quite ready for a ride that long!
I'm pretty sure I could comfortably get 125 miles out of it. I haven't tried yet though, legs aren't quite ready for a ride that long!
You can easily pedal it like a regular bicycle, should you run out of juice or if you're looking for more exercise. I test rode it with no power to see exactly how the power affects the ride. That being said, it is heavy, and the power is what sets it apart.