electronics for 2019 BH Evo Street

I recently converted my wife's BH Evo Street to different electronics. I have the rectangular bar mounted display and the controller, and both worked as new when I swapped them off. This was done solely because my wife wanted a throttle and preferred PAS over torque sensor after trying her bike versus one equipped that way [Yes, the conversion can be done, it is not difficult, but you need to know what you are doing.] Since a bit difficult to read in the photo, the controller is Model BH-MY19 EVO-W48 18A. I do not know about interchangability with any other model years.

Attached are photos. I clipped off some of the connectors as the photos will show, but that should not be an issue to anyone with the knowledge of how to swap out the electronics - put yours on the wires. Deal of the day, take the display, harness and controller for the sum of $30 plus you pay actual shipping charges based on USPS flat rate shipping. Better to sell cheap to someone who needs these than throw away. Domestic only please. No returns, I know that these parts are good - I rode it into the garage to do the swap out. Feel free to email me directly at mtatkow@gmail.com, or text 608-852-7696. Madison Wisconsin.


hello,from France(sorry for my english)
i have a evo jet emotion (BH) which,according law in France can't be more than 25km/hr on the road but allow more in a private area;
so i would like to increase speed if i t s possible , of course , with this model of bike !
if so, i check the controller which is the BH-MY19 EVO -W4818A, but so many cable with different color as you can see on your photo;
so, do you think that if i get off one of them (but which one ?) i could unclamp the bike;
when i bought 5yrs before this bike, the seller has accepted to unclamp it few km/h (30hrs/h)but no more and with modification in the computer .
if you have the answer and above all understood my very special english, i will be very grateful for your ansvwer.
bye from Paris