Electric Bike Insurance options?


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3:49 PM
Apr 27, 2020
Do you insure your eBike under household items, or do you have a separate eBike insurance policy?

I am privately insured with my household goods, but bicycles and eBikes are only insured up to EUR 1,000.00 and they are only insured if they are also at home and locked up. None of this seems very practical to me, since ebikes are made to be ridden. If my wife and I are traveling with the motorhome, the bikes should also be insured.

How do you do it with ebikes. Have you taken out your own eBike insurance? Or are you just taking risks?
There are some insurance providers who do insurance only for bicycles and electric bicycles only. They also offer a whole lot more than just theft insurance if that's what you're looking for. The best thing to do is take a look online and compare the premiums.
I asked the insurance company directly how I could insure my eBike. They said to me that would be covered by private liability insurance. So I am basically covered on my eBike with my personal liability insurance. I am for the most part insured, since I have the insurance for my vehicle anyway.

Since I trust my heavy garage door, I have not taken out any additional insurance for theft. Plus our dog would sound the alarm, I am absolutely convinced!