Electric bike after one month...


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Aug 18, 2018
I have been using the bikes for errands and going to work two days a week. After having the bike one month, it has saved me $50 in fuel.

I got a speedometer reading check passing through a school zone with a large radar speed sign showing my speed. My speedometer was reading about 23 and the radar sign showed about 16 or 17 mph.

The bike has performed well and have had few problems. My chain is now a bit loose so I need to tighten it. I have had to adjust the brakes once.

The battery is good for 300 full cycle charges. Perhaps I will replace it with a lithium ion one when I need a new one.

Problems so far: Peddle has fallen off twice. I am going to get some lock washers to solve problem. The rubber mat on floor has no grommets to prevent it from tearing through the screws. I placed two large washers around the screw heads which seem to be working.

Likes: I went by a bike shop and compared my skooter to several gas scooters they had on display. I would say the quality was equal to or better than the a $2000 bike they had on display. The quality seems good quality for the price. I can tell you more about this after a year.

Wish list: I wish it had an odometer. So far I have put about 150 miles on it.
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