Electric Bicycle Computer Error - Error 30


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Sep 25, 2022

I have a Shocke Spark electric bike that is approximately 7 years old. It is a Canadian company that I've learned has gone out of business. The bike is in like-new condition, but has an Error 30 code on the XT-LCD computer. In addition, I haven't charged the battery much at all over the past few years. I've been told that without charging the battery it could go back. When I start up the bicycle computer, it shows a full battery, then the screen goes out and says 'Error 30'. I paid about $950 for the bike about 4 years ago for my wife, and not sure what my options are now. An e-bike technician in Seattle said the battery is likely bad, and would cost minimum $500 to rebuild mine, then it would still have the error 30.

Doe anyone have any ideas, or anyone interested in buying the bike as is?


""code 30 is loss of communcation between lcd and controller""

""Error 30 can also be a harness failure. We see overtightened
zip ties that have cut into the very small AWG wires in the harness. While not a DIY bike, I'd still be looking very hard at the wiring. And consider using your multimeter to test for wire continuity.""

""It could be the motor itself""

"" Finally got Wallke to send me a new motor. It arrived as a bare rim with the motor. I had to move the brake rotor, rim liner, tube and tire over to the new rim and install. All is good now. Hopefully this motor doesn't burn out any time soon! ""

"" as sherlock holmes said ... "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." ""

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