Electra Townie 7D with Bafang Mid Drive


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Apr 18, 2020
Mesa, AZ
Decided it was time to build the bike I have always wanted for Burning Man and home. I am certain that I will have plenty of questions. Just Ordered a Bafang Mid Drive BBSO and 48V 17.5 AH battery to get started on my Electra Townie 7D. Can't wait to get started!
I am updating quite a bit later than I wanted to but, here it goes. I did finish the bike and am absolutely happy with it. I installed the optional shift sensor if any one is interested. Began riding the bike soon after completion and discovered what is a common fault with the mid-drive. The motor, because of the torque, wants to loosen up and drop down. After searching for solutions I used a modification of one. To stabilize the motor I attached a clamp to the frame and used two heavy duty zip ties to go around the motor and through the clamp. I can provide pics if needed. I have since found a fix using a marine turnbuckle that I will switch to soon and I will provide pics of that when it is done. With the 17.5 AH battery I have gotten as many as 85 miles on one charge riding locally on the street. This bike made Burning Man way more accessible and fun than I would have imagined. I have over 500 miles on the motor as of this writing and have had zero issues. The one thing these bikes really need, especially with a rear rack battery, is a solid kickstand. The one I chose is the Ursus Jumbo 80 and you can see it HERE It is the most stable kick stand I have ever used. One thing to note is that I have grown tired of trying to get my leg over the back or the crossbar and this year I moved all of the Bafang equipment to a Specialized Expedition step-thru frame. While my ego did suffer a small blow, my mounting and dismounting ease overcame that very quickly. The switch over was relatively easy and stress free. I have since bought a nice used Townie 7D step-thru bike and will convert that with a Bafang mid-drive unit for my wife's pedaling enjoyment. All in all this has been a fun and enjoyable experience and I highly recommend it to anyone that is contemplating it for their own bike.
@Canyon - being new to E-bikes possible you can post before & after pics (if you have them) of your builds? Thx!
I will get some pics of the Expedition here soon. You can look at the Townie 7D and the Expedition online for before pics. Two of the things I do is to use C-clips for cable routing and spiral cable wrap instead of zip ties. Makes the job neater and more professional looking.