EKX Bike x21 error code 22


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Oct 23, 2021
I have an EKX Bike X 21 when I turn the bike on it shows error code 22. I know that’s the throttle I’ve went over the wires they’re fine, but I am using an aftermarket throttle, but I used an electric bike tester to make sure I’m wiring the throttle right I don’t get what’s going on. Anybody else having the problem with the X21? I have a complete wiring diagram is trying to switching the red for black I don’t know or does every single wire on the bike have to be plugged in to not get the code? I’m not sure I bought the spike used without a controller and I just spent $130 for the controller and waited for it to come from China. I figured it would be a breeze headlights turn on brake lights work just getting past area code 22.


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Just wanted to let everyone know I fixed it The problem was in the China wiring diagram above. They have the pedal cranks sensor and the throttle sensor backwards on their diagram. I sat thinking to myself while looking at the diagram. Wait a minute throttle wires are usually red and black and green for the signal sure enough and soon as I switch them bam I had power