EggRider V2 Display Configuration Help


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10:17 PM
Aug 17, 2018
Has anyone fiddled with this display? I've had mine for a week now and I can't seem to make it work the way i want.

What I want:
- road & offroad profile for pedal & throttle (speed lock at 28kph on road & 45kph offroad
- battery indicator accuracy for my 52v 13ah pack
- the pedal & throttle kick is not as smooth what i had using stock BBSHD display

- the app shows road profile only
- I entered 52v in the advanced menu but on my display its kinda all over the place "sometimes it says 90% then i will check again and it will show 99% then i tried turn off/on the display then it will show 100%. Not sure if its reliable.
- it seems that it didn't inherit the configuration i put in the motor using old LCD display. Though i can see the values i entered long before.

My best purchase of 2020 has added stealth factor to my emtb :)

You may need to go into the advanced settings in the app for the profile change you want. Also the display might need to be calibrated (not just selecting voltage) to your specific battery if you haven't done that yet, and apparently the firmware has recently been updated to allow the display to read current controller settings if I am reading right.

I don't mean to state the obvious but have you tried checking the manual online here:, or updating firmware? You can also manually set the program from the phone app.

This specific page, if you haven't already looked, may be useful to you: