Ebikeling 36V 500W GEARED hub motor kit - have one?


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Jan 4, 2019
I've been researching GEARED ebike conversion kits & found the Ebikeling 36V 500W GEARED hub motor kit.
It looks to be a good value & the Ebikeling team have been outstanding in answering my pre-purchase questions.
Can anyone on this forum with this 36V 500W GEARED kit share their experience with it? Thanks in advance.
Great kit the bike I built has heaps of power. Just so you know you have to set the display to the correct voltage or it can't read the battery level. The instructions aren't the best but it is color coded and it gets the job done. This kit has to be better than ebay kits as they are a real company so you can do returns. I will be buying this kit again when I do another ebike!

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Thanks for replying. My post is pretty old. I've since purchased 3 of the Ebikeling 36V rear 26" geared kits, support & quality are outstanding. I recommend Ebikeling without reservation.
Years later here, but I agree that it is a good priduct with good support. I have built three, all working and very fun.