Ebike with pedal assist is really a powered exoskeleton!


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9:54 PM
Aug 18, 2018
It just occurred to me that an Ebike with pedal assist is really an affordable, powered exoskeleton. You strap in, and it amplifies your body's exertions, allowing you to do more "work" than you otherwise could. It's a type of prosthetic. I'm getting older, and the Ebike I plan to purchase is, at some point, going to function as a temporary knee replacement.

Now all we need to do is weaponize them and we'll basically become budget Mecha.
I am facing a knee replacement but I've been peddling my trike 2 miles every day using less and less assist and my knee is significantly improved!
Last year I used my ebike to get back on my feet after I had two operations in a week on my leg/knee. My doctor told me not to walk on it., no pressure for 3 month's. I had a friend help me on my ebike after 1 month and could barely bend my knee. I had to use the throttle a few times but I pushed my leg and it was so easy on an ebike I really think doctors should prescribe them. I stuck to it and my doctor couldn't believe how fast I healed up.