Ebike winter training


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Jul 24, 2020
I am thinking of ways to try and stay in shape over the winter.

To that end, does anyone have any experience riding their ebike on a trainer indoors?


Never on my ebike, but as long as you don’t turn it on, should be fine. I prefer a rowing machine.
My E-road has a regenerate mode. It feels like you just pulled a parachute when you switch over.
Yes, but remember to charge your battery. I forgot to last week and ended up eating sticks of butter instead.
Ha ha, stolen thread. LOL I actually posted a thread asking for advice on buying a trainer that would hold up to the additional torque of an ebike. LOL
I have no idea what you are talking about re stolen thread. I am glad you enjoyed it though.

Regardless, my question had no amount of seriousness at all. I do not own an ebike and believe that they threaten trail access.

I was just thinking - what is the most ridiculous thing I can think of to do with an ebike? Slapping it on a trainer. So I asked.


I promise you, I laughed at this thread more than you did. It is shockingly hilarious that people put an ebike on a trainer.

Sometimes it gets hard to pedal so I like to use turbo mode when I am on the trainer. I am concerned that my trainer is going to overheat and catch fire so I am looking for something that can handle the extra torque.
It's not entirely daft, if you use the "regenerate" mode to provide additional resistance and charge the battery.

If it has a USB output you could charge phones with it during a prolonged power outage.

My ebike allows me to ride "twice" the distance in "half" the time on my trainer. Major time saver IMHO. GOOD STUFF!!!
Ask your mom for enough money to buy a real winter training bike

fat tire ebike winter snow riding.jpg
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Yes, I put Finish Line “wax” clean ride lube on my studs and have had zero issues.
Thanks Gutch. I've heard that finish line stuff is flammable. Any chance of a spark setting my drapes on fire?
I’ve had it happen once, but it was all on me. I took my Levo battery out, put my tongue on it to check wattage and accidentally leaned up against the window and whooom - inferno. Needless to say I now have 504wh branded on my tongue and every time I drink a draft, the damn head diminishes instantly.
I've read on the internet that since you can sit and easily spin with an emtb on a trainer at 60mph, the resulting tire burnout smoke is causing lung cancer in pro racers. Which is why they all have TUEs for athsma and other breathing disorders.

It's got to cost a ton for replacement tires too
Yeah, I see it’s haunting Froome. You quote 60mph, is that uphill or downhill on the trainer? Also, what’s the closing speed when that sucker comes off the rollers and into the drywall?