Ebike wants to go max speed at all Pedal Assist levels


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Jun 5, 2024
Have a TotGuard 26" bike that worked fine last summer with 5 pedal assist levels up to about 20 MPH. After removing battery for winter storage, when I went to ride this spring, the bike wants to go full speed all the time now. Tried playing with settings, but only thing I could do was trim down max speed and it would always go max speed (where ever I had that set), so it can sense the speed correctly, but will always want to go whatever the max speed is. I am guessing a failed or shorted sensor or something. Anyone have any idea what the problem might be that would cause this?
Raining right now so cant try that, but if I stop pedaling, the bike slows as motor cuts out, so wouldn't the throttle keep it going if stuck?
Hmm, have you flipped it over and checked the wiring around the cadence sensor to see if there are any shorts? There is a Facebook group for Totguard, people do have trouble with these. They say you can reach the company through Instagram. If it is still under warranty they might send you a new controller, if that's the issue.
Worked fine last year. Stored battery half charged indoors for winter. Problem occurred when I tried to ride this spring. Customer service there of absolutely no use. Sent me video of how to enter controller settings which I already know, but not good descriptions of settings nor what the defaults are for this bike which I did eventually find in another user video. That didn't fix it. They won't help and don't even know what the settings are. They claim only changing settings P1,2 and 3 are valid. I gave up on them after 2 weeks of repeated useless answers and unwillingness to describe actual settings and give me the defaults for this bike. I am guessing since price of these bikes fell sharply in past year they let their good support people in this country go.
It sounds like you've been working hard at this. My first thought was some corrosion causing a short. If there are hall sensors in your cadence sensor they could have gone bad. Cadence sensors are about $15.00 to $25.00 so they are not too bad to swap out. You just have to match the connectors. People seem to have a lot of trouble with Totguard's controllers, so that may be the issue. None of their components seem very high quality. You can get an inexpensive tester that might help with that. On the plus side, ebikes are a compilation of components. You have a bike a motor and a battery that appear to be fine. You could put on your own KT controller and matching display. It depends on how much diy you want to do. I'll put a picture of some testers down below. The one with the circle is one people prefer for ease of use.
Seiferj, do a full "Microsoft" restart. Remove the battery, press the "On" button to help discharge capacitors, then let it sit overnight. If it is a computer problem there's a 10%+ chance when you power it up something might reset. I've done it with my cell phone and computer a number of times.

Good luck.