Ebike throttle only activates after pedalling over 4mph?


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2:03 PM
Apr 30, 2020
I just test rode an ebike with a throttle (class 2 or 3, from what I have read) but I couldn't move from a standstill with the throttle. The salesman said it only activates after going over 4mph and then you can stop pedaling. He also said that all electric bikes were restricted this way. Is this true? I am pretty sure there are ebikes out there where you can use the throttle from a standstill. Please correct me if I am wrong but I am looking for a bike that I can use the throttle from a standstill. I have a bad knee which doesn't want to move some days and I will need the throttle if my knee doesn't work.

I've never heard about classes where I am, maybe that's a Californian law? I have a Magic Pie 5 Vector and it only has throttle and I can tell you that these are not restricted at all. You can use it with PAS too if needed by adding a display and sensor!
Thanks for that, I was pretty sure that's the way they worked. I'll have to shop around to see what else is available here - or maybe order online.