Ebike spares to carry when riding (and where to put it all)?


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May 6, 2020
As I get deeper into ebikes I’m finding I need to carry more STUFF. Where to carry the stuff. Ie. First aid kit, spare tube, tool kit, rain jacket and air for tire in the event of flat. Tires are currently filled with gel but life happens.

Originally when I purchased I avoided a rear rack I guess thinking about added weight. Not many options unless I’m willing to wear a pack which doesn’t excitement me. With the ebike is the weight really a big deal?
I do not carry all that why would you carry all of that? I put 9k miles a year on my bike and don't need that much stuff!
I’m gonna be riding forest service roads a lot and could be anywhere from 10 miles plus away from where I want to be and maybe riding by myself a lot the last thing I wanna do is push bike out. I didn’t include it in this post but I’ve had three knee replacements I can ride the bike but I don’t cherish having to climb hills and push a bike.

As crazy as it sounds the hills are more problematic on my knees than pedaling the bike because of the turbo assist. My most recent knee replacement is only seven months out. One of my major motivations for purchasing the E-bike is to help me get my legs built back up after being so atrophy for 10 years.
An e-bike it is inherently heavier so weight is really not the issue.

Short rides I carry a tube tire patch kit tire tools crescent wrench to remove the tire and some Allen wrenches and that's it when I go on a longer ride my rear rack pack has fold up panniers on it so I can load it up with lunch and such.

I live in San Diego so during the summer the real advantage to the ebike is I can hook up my trailer Carry my beach chair beach umbrella Beach cooler chest sometimes even a little BBQ with no problems.

Or when I'm going surfing I park maybe a mile or so away from the beach because parking at the beach is crazy and load my board up onto my little trailer ride to the beach when I'm done ride back to my car.

So really unlike a conventional bike I personally don't think weight is really an issue unless you're looking at having to lift your bike onto a rack on top of your vehicle.

Really just have fun out there.


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Just my trusty heavy duty backpack has enough room for all the tools and essentials.
I like the having a rack. The little “trunk” ($13 Amazon) holds tool kit (inc. pump and Allen set), water bottle, vest, wallet, biking gloves, cable lock, and I have a sweatshirt stuffed into it in this photo. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008S4SX5E

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