Ebike Recommendations for Courier Food Delivery


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5:20 AM
Oct 21, 2018
I would like to use an electric bicycle for food delivery around the city. Not really after an ebike with speed but rather with a long range and good battery life. Also looking for something which is reliable and has disc brakes for good stopping. It also needs to be able to climb a few hills from time to time. Has anyone used an ebike as a courier before?
Go with a decent motor for longevity, Bosch and Brose make the best motors. You should be willing to spend over $1500 for a decent ebike. The ebike kits you see online are generally rubbish and you'll have to ruin a perfectly good bicycle only to find that the kit doesn't last long. It just wont last for the continuous use that the courier ebike will get. A Do It Yourself mid drive kit seems like a cheaper option at the time but they can come loose and cause problems with the bottom bracket. You should look for a professionally designed ebike that is factory built if you are serious about using an ebike for deliveries. Spend you time adding custom parcel racks and panniers and leave the ebike design to the professionals.
A bosch looks to be about $2,000 in the USA. They are cheaper in the EU around $1,500.