Ebike Rebuild.


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Aug 18, 2018
Hi everybody!

I am embarking on my first Ebike build. I have picked up a beat up and heavily used "Ebike 36v LE" in red. The bike needs a complete over haul. The battery is shot. The motor has stripped gears. The plastic is covered with shallow surface scratches.

I am planning on sanding down the plastic shell and painting it using krylon fusion. Has anybody used krylon fusion on the body panels before? Does any body know what kind of plastic makes up the body panels?

I have purchased the following items from BMSBATTERY.com in china to get the bike in working order:

* 48volt 500 watt rear hub motor with square wave controller
* 48volt 15amp hour Li(CoNiMn)O2 battery with 15 amp regular and 30 amp peak discharge.
* Rear mounting battery rack with aluminum case for the battery.

I don't know what I will be using the old battery compartment for. Maybe to hold the charger? I will update pics and ask question as the build progresses.
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