Ebike friendly MTB schools


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5:59 AM
Jul 12, 2020
Does anyone know of any MTB training centers or schools that are ebike friendly. I looked and emailed around three years ago and those that bothered to reply were sort of insulting about my desire to ebike. Has anything changed today?
There’s a few guys on YouTube that video thru certain skills. I would assume that mtb schools will adapt to ebikes to make money. It’s the times, they are here and it’s changing the industry. Maneuvering my emtb is pretty much the same as my mtb but more upper body strength for manuals, bunny hops etc. I also find myself starting my lines earlier as the emtb isn’t quite as nimble.
The "Trek Dirt Series" has taken on some E-MTB students at there camps this year. They are one of the best.