Ebike for around $1400 USD?


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May 6, 2020
Getting a new ebike with my taxes. Only gonna have maybe 1400 to spend. Any suggestions? Needs to be for someone 6'5" tall 95% asphalt driving no trails just commuting. Currently have a 350 watt Ancheer but its not enough for me its a little weak.
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I’m 6’4” and my legs are longer than normal for my height; I have almost a 36 inch inseam. So I purchased a longer seat post. I bought a SENQI Bicycle Mountain Bike seat Post Aluminum, 28.6 mm diameter, 450 mm length. That allows even more height than I need, and works great! Senqi sells a lot of different diameters to fit any bike.

All new eBikes within your budget will have Chinese parts, and most you’ll have to buy online. Most important—Find out if your local bike shops will repair Chinese ebikes before you buy one online unless you’re super mechanically-inclined already, and with the right tools.

The Ride1Up 700 Series looks good at $1,500 and is more powerful than the $750 Nakto Classic. Nakto is perhaps the least expensive eBike you’ll find. Both use a geared rear hub motor. Those are better than ungeared ones on hills but not as good as mid-drives. The Ride1Up is more powerful.
Don't buy another ancheer. They are not great. My friend had one and its not great at all.

Here’s my two cents and not in any order for $1,500 limit:
1. Rad Rover 750w 48v 14Ah geared hub motor
** this will readily give you a proven and reliable ride able ebike large and strong enough for your size plus company support
2. Find and buy a mountain bike size plus either the Bafang BBS02B or BBSHD kit, 48v 17.5 Ah battery and build your own ebike.
** either kit will give you plenty of power for speed and torque
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A bit over $1400 but this is my daily driver and it's been good enough that I haven't purchased another car. Not sure about how someone 6 foot 5 would feel on it but I've seen riders that are 6 foot 3 and 6 foot 4 ride these without issue. Downside is it's not the most efficient to pedal really hard on but if its mostly for commuting that should be a non issue.